Chickering, 1916

Restoration Specs



  • New multi-laminate pinblock
  • Repaired and refinished soundboard
  • Re-bronzed cast-iron plate with Chickering emblem
  • New Mapes bass strings
  • New Mapes or Röslau treble wire
  • All new plate and understring cloth and felts
  • Embossings on plate hand lettered
  • Complete set nickel-plated tuning pins
  • All plate hardware re-plated in hi-polish nickel
  • Damper heads re-finished
  • All new damper felts
  • Underside of case re-finished
  • All trapwork re-felted and re-leathered
  • Acoustic Restoration guaranteed for ten years


  • New Renner, Abel or Ronsen hammers
  • New Tokiwa shanks & flanges
  • New Tokiwa repetitions
  • New Tokiwa backchecks
  • Polished ivory naturals
  • Polished ebony accidentals
  • Keysticks re-bushed
  • Keyframe cleaned and fitted with all new felt
  • Damper back-action regulation
  • Full action regulation and voicing
  • Mechanical Restoration guaranteed for ten years


  • Piano refinished in medium dark brown mahogany, semi-gloss sheen
  • All case hardware re-plated in hi-polish nickel
  • All new buttons and stops
  • New Chickering nameboard logo
  • Finish Restoration guaranteed for five years